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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My little biter

I was that annoying mom that had no issues breastfeeding my two older daughters, until Samantha was born.  She began testing my breastfeeding knowledge within the first hour of her life.  To start things off she wouldn’t open her mouth wide enough to latch properly. So here I am trying to encourage her open her mouth, which means, pulling down her chin, while holding her head at the right angle and my breast at the same time. Of course you know what happens next, her vice grip like jaw and octopus suction grab a hold of the tip of my nipple.  Not so much fun for mom. One too many of these episodes left me wondering if it had been too many years since my last child or it I had forgotten how to breastfeed all together. Fortunately, we got the hang of the latch in a few weeks and everything seemed to be in place, until she began teething at six months.  My first two didn’t not break teeth until 10 and 11 months respectively, so even though I nursed them until 12 months, there was very little biting. I was taken completely by surprise when Samantha bit me with her puppy sharp tooth. My reaction was to let out a scream which, in turn scared her.  She continued to bite every time she ate for the next 48 hours. My reaction was similar each time.  I didn’t mean to scream but man it hurt enough to make you pee down your leg.  Needless to say my overreaction to the bite caused her to go on a “nursing strike” for two days. A nursing strike is exactly what it sounds like, refusing to breastfeed.  Samantha would scream whenever I tried to nurse her. My only option was to give her a bottle and pump to keep my milk supply. It was a very long two days, with many tears shed.  Now, you may be thinking did I give up nursing her?  The answer is simply no.  Things are different with Samantha. The way I get through these hurdles is to joke and talk with my follow mommy friends. It doesn’t matter if they breastfeed or not because we have all been that sleep deprived person with the half crazy look in our eyes. We mommies and even the daddies, have to stick together. 

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