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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knickernappies SuperDo and LoopyDo Inserts

I love all cloth diapers, but my two favorite types are pockets diapers and covers with pre-folds. I recently was able to try Knickernappies SuperDo and LoppyDo inserts after winning them for contributing to the Knickernappies blog.  It is nice to have an insert that can be used with both my favorite systems.  Here are a few things that I liked; the SuperDo with its layer of hemp and the trim fit of both inserts.  The layer of hemp made the SuperDo truly super. I used it with a cover overnight and had no leaks. Even though the instructions say you don’t need to wash your SuperDo insert before first use, I would recommend it.  Mine leaked the first use right out of the box, but after one wash it’s perfect.  The LooyDo is not absorbent enough for us, I have to add a pre-fold or make sure I changed her as soon as she wet.  I don’t use s LoopyDo alone, if I’m leaving the house.  The SuperDo and LoopyDo are wide enough for most brands of pocket diapers. These two inserts helped boost the amount of time between diaper changes.  I believe these are far better than the standard microfiber inserts that come with the purchase of a Knickernappies diapers.  I am very happy with my new inserts and will be purchasing more SuperDos.

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